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Eight weeks ago, on 11 December 2023, my close friend Kyle's life took a turn no one could have predicted when he had a serious accident cycling to work. I had the pleasure of going to 6th form with Kyle, though at the time we had probably only exchanged a handful of words. Years later we bumped into each other, met up a few times after and realized how much we had in common. We then decided to live together, for two amazing years. Kyle is an incredibly creative individual, always coming up with unique and innovative ideas, from drawing and painting to designing and installing his own bathroom. This independence has allowed him to explore different passions and excel in various areas. Kyle is not only good at most sports, but he also has a natural athleticism that sets him apart. Whether it's playing semiprofessional football or skiing down a black slope, he always gives everything 110%. Kyle's accident caused serious damage to his neck and spinal cord. This life-altering event has already presented him with numerous challenges, but Kyle has faced them head-on with unwavering determination and resilience. He'll be in the hospital for another few months, where he is daily making all the nurses and therapists smile with his cheeky grin and eagerness to push himself to the max in rehab. In support of Kyle and others who have suffered from spinal cord injuries, a group of amazing people from NLSC CrossFit gym, including myself, will be participating in a 24-hour DRIAthalon. This grueling event, which involves skiing, biking, and rowing, will take place from February 9th to 10th. Our goal is to raise funds for the Backup Trust charity, an organization that provides support to individuals with spinal cord injuries and their families. We are honored to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause and to show our unwavering support for Kyle and others who have faced similar challenges. Together, we hope to make a difference in their lives and help them overcome the obstacles they face on a daily basis.


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Good job bro!

5/18/24, 3:53 PM

Luke Adeniran

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Well done on the finish and the fundraising Kadeem!!

5/8/24, 10:11 AM

Gerard Andrews


Good luck hope you raise lots more

2/25/24, 11:48 PM


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Well done Kadeem

2/23/24, 4:34 PM

Fiona McCoy

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Good luck to the team and make the difference

2/20/24, 1:51 PM

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